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The glue pump is operated by compressed air (of about 6 bar). The driving piston is connected to the fluid piston via 2 external piston rods. This type of construction prevents any intrusion of glue into the pneumatic part of the pump. As the glue is conveyed, upstroke as well as down stroke, a minimal pulsation is reached. 
The integrated heating combined with the electronic control system ensures a constant temperature, which is programmed via the display.

Programmable pneumatic glue pump

  • designed for pumping the glue into labelling machines
  • durable and low maintenance
  • with integrated heater
  • quick heating of glue by means of a multi-level heating system
  • low pulsation since the glue is conveyed upstroke as well as down stroke
  • low noise
  • great display panel showing actual and set value
  • emptying of the glue residue
  • glue funnel can be removed by means of a bayonet closing
  • small, compact construction
  • easy to use
  • glue lid, internal part and suction pipe made of steel


Pompa colla pneumatica programmabile

When the pump starts heating, it uses 1400 Watt; once it has reached a definitive level, this is reduced to 700 Watt, then to 350 Watt until it uses 175 Watt.

With this energy rate it can maintain the required temperature.

The advantage is: less energy needed for use.

With the necessity of changing the bucket containing the glue a small temperature decrease takes place, the pump loses about 3°C which is recovered with the use of 1400 Watt in a few minutes; on the other hand, devices currently on the market have a variation in temperature of 9/10° up to 12°.

With the use of 400 Watt it would take more than 20 minutes to go back to the previous temperature, but using this pump it takes less time to reach the required temperature.

The advantage is: less loss of time.