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After glue pump D2 replacement, which we are still spare parts seller, Timmer has introduced a new one with best performance.

The Timmer glue pump is a pneumatically driven piston pump with integrated heater and electronic control, which conveys glue in both stroke movements.

The stroke frequency (max. 2 hertz) can be displayed on the display.
As soon as the pump is started pneumatically, the glue feeding begins via suction and pressure
The flow rate of the medium is regulated by a valve in the exhaust air.

Programming options:

• temperature display
• temperature setting to 50 °C
• change of temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit
• stroke counting
• stroke frequency indication for throttle setting
• NFC: Data selection via Android smartphone or tablet
• maintenance interval display


volantino pompa per colla TimmerDownload technical sheet

volantino pompa per colla TimmerDownload list of accessories

Pompa colla pneumatica programmabile

In contrast to the global pump version with electrical control, the version
without heating is not operated electronically, but is controlled by a pneumatic oscillating valve.

The flow rate of the medium is regulated by a valve in the exhaust air.
The Timmer glue pump in the container version equals
the glue pump with heating (54005000),
but with an extra-long suction pipe of 1000 mm for conveying glue from IBC containers.
TIMMER GMBH is your partner in the area of pneumatics, vacuum technology as well as pumping and dosing technology.
Our company is official seller in Italy.

Following you can find Timmer flyer with all glue pump technical data and features.